Virtual Data Centers

Time to gain total power, Cloud Layer individual Virtual Data Centers offer steadfast groundwork, safety, and confidentiality.

A Bendable Cloud Infrastructure for your VDC

Discover real power through our bendable cloud journeys in server virtualization.

Work at a speed that suits you best; develop the design of your own, completely-virtualized software-definite data centers; virtualized networks, storage, and safety to make your company’s virtual data centers.

We provide an easy allotment of IT resources and apps alongside the quick way to offer these products for your customers.

Build and work on your private cloud by automating control for accuracy in work, volume consumption, and following rules.

The front-runner in the cloud managing platform CMP solution provides the complete gamut of cloud management services.

Cloud Layer is the innovator in the cloud management sector; we allow companies to control several cloud-based works via the magical cup of professionalism that includes skills such as:

Safe follows the rules and protects your brand

Cloud migration, backup and disaster recovery

Budget managing & workload customization

Checking & analytics

Inventory & sorting

Service demands

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Our Enriched Plans

  • Devoted Compute for CPU-Demanding Workloads

Pre-designed CPU cases work automatically using the CPU’s internal factors within the Cloud group’s infrastructure. Henceforth, now you do not have to share the processors with anyone else.

Run Without Negative Impacts

Use the entirety of all CPU’s only for you. Your systems perform at their highest levels without the negative impacts of the CPU.

Expected Power

Through our committed CPU instances, your company will be able to run latency-based apps from your Cloud Layer to forget unwanted head-aches.

Transform all Instances into Committed CPUs

Now your company will resize the CPU count alone at all times, transforming the current instances into shared and committed CPU design.

  • Customized Prices for Memory-Focused Apps

Cloud Layers gives you this affordable method for running memory-focused apps. This can be right when you require higher RAM but not at the cost of enhancing storage and v CPUs.

Cloud Layer Higher Memory

Customized for in-memory database sets and caches. The Cloud layer Higher Memory will help you in greater-performance query tasks, and it is also excellent support for all enterprise-grade database jobs.

Tweaked for Memory-Intensive Workloads

Cloud Layer Bigger memory can be customized to complete memory-focused workloads in the superb price-to-result methods.

Speed Up Data Retrieval

Maintain recent-used data in memory for faster retrieval cycles. Now, your company can utilize the benefits of Cloud Layer higher memory as a Mem cached or Redis within the memory data saved area for more fabulous performing in apps.

In-Memory Process work

Start running queries over great data volume sets. The Cloud Layer single colossal memory helps you to complete the work of your data totally in memory and swiftly acquire answers for queries.

  • Customization of Disks

Every disk is SSD and offers the enormous performing powers, plus never suffer the wreath of low volumes or general purposes.

  • Network

Network Best Work, never suffer from the low network, never use the medium-powered network.

Privacy Data Protection in Data Centers

Our Private Data Centres possess a committed process, machines, safety, and privacy to give you the most significant power in your work. We also offer instant maintenance and obey strict rules alongside risk management suggestions.

Flexible and Scalable Design

We offer a vast gamut of data centre services alongside scalability in its density to help buyers to build a strategically designed end-to-end data centre evidence. The company possesses a patient and committed infrastructure that can work with the best audit rules and certifications to complete the tight standards in every sector and market that are our partners.

Our company builds and executes work through absolutely scalable, reliable, and resourceful data centres that offer fast linking power to network carriers and public cloud services.